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07 April 2010 @ 08:09 pm
 Hi everyone, 

Just to let you know, I am now translating Kaya's Ameba blog at another community. I'm not quite caught up with all the entries yet, so you might get a few posts a day until I'm done, but I urge you to consider joining if you liked my translations here at gokigen_you .

I will also be translating Kaya's mini-novel serialization every week, so if you'd like to read that, please consider joining! (^_^)

kaya_ameba kaya_ameba kaya_ameba kaya_ameba kaya_ameba kaya_ameba

よろしくお願いしいます!Thank you very much! 
08 April 2009 @ 07:10 pm
How do you do?

The performance of "Kaya no heya" is the day after tomorrow.
We'll have a fun broadcast with ex-Sugar's Koto-chan.
Everyone, please stop by.

Those of you who have questions for our guest, Koto-chan, or for Koto-chan & Kaya, please send them to the below address♪
We'll use the questions we receive in the talk show♪
Please send them before tomorrow evening~♪




1. Kaya no heya means "Kaya's room"

( original entry )
07 April 2009 @ 05:10 am
How do you do?
This is the wife.
Oh, I'm mistaken! So sorry♪
(Only those who were at the live at Kawasaki CLUB CITTA will get it. laugh)

Relatedly, thank you so very much to everyone who came to the Kawasaki CLUB CITTA live the other day!!
Did you have a good time?

I was so happy, and enjoyed being able to spend this day with some of my favourite musicians♪

I haven't seen Ricky-san, who performed this time, since we were on the radio show I appeared on as a personality (broadcast on FM Nagasaki and FM Tokushima, ended in March) together, so I was soo happy that we could work together again♪
I'm also holding a 2-man event with Ricky on 7/31, so everyone, please try to come♪

Also, I was able to meet with that gentleman I like so much again for the first time in a while. blush. laugh

By the way, the setlist was as follows.

1: Carmilla
2: Silvery Dark
3: Kasha
4: Rose Jail 

My costume was the slightly nostalgic Carmilla dress.
Putting on this costume always makes me remember the tour 2 years ago.

Well well, the next live is at Yotsuya Kumin Hall pretty soon!!
Everyone, how are you preparations for those roses coming along!? laugh

But before that...
There isn't another live until the 24th, but the performance of "Kaya no heya" is on the 10th.
If it's ok, I'd like you all to come to that one, too♪
Talks aren't really my strong point, so I'm worried if I'll be able to pull it off... (Huh? Just whooo was laughing just now?) But I'm going to try my very best!!
The guest is ex-Sugar's Koto-chan♪

But, returning to the live at Yotsuya Kumin Hall on the 24th...
I have 4 important (and wonderful♪) announcements for this day!!

First up, number one!
I'll be announcing quite a few "new goods" that you all have been requesting!
Once the details have been decided I'll make another announcement here♪ Please look forward to it!!

Next up, number two!!
I've talked about this before, but we'll be announcing the dancers' new costumes!!
They were designebd and produced by the queen of all drag queens - HOSSY♪
Please await these extraordinary GORGEOUS★DECADENT costumes in anticipation♪

Aaand number three!!!
I have a few bits of "lovely information"♪

Last up, number four!!!!
On this day I'll be announcing the first performance of my new song, "Rose Kingdom"!!
It was written by my beloved KALM. It's a kind of composition we haven't tasted before now, and I reaaaaally like it! I really want you to hear it quickly-!! Please wait in anticipation♪

( original entry )
04 April 2009 @ 06:20 am
How do you do?

It's suddenly become warm, and the long-awaited sakura have started to bloom.
Next to roses, these are my favourite flowers!
The elegant, faint light pink, fleetingly scattering when it falls in the twinkling of an eye, like a dragonfly, is indeed emotional and beautiful.
The sakura in the garden of the kindergarten in my neighbourhood have also suddenly come into full bloom.
The yozakuranou1 was successful last year (the figures dancing in the midst of the sakura trees at night looked as though it was a dream... it was really wonderful), but this year I think I'd like to sing "Ouka" or some such while admiring the cherry trees at night♪ (laugh)

※I added photos of the sakura on 4/4♪

Well then, tomorrow is the live show!
Everyone, please gather at Kawasaki Club CITTA carrying roses.

I'll sing with all my heart.
Please, everyone, send your darling voices to the stage.

Let's make it one beautiful night.

With love.




1. yozakuranou is a Noh play held amongst the cherry trees at night

( original entry - with photos )
25 March 2009 @ 07:47 pm
How do you do?

My first Osaka one-man went off without a hitch.
Thank you so very much to everyone who came!
Osaka is powerful, after all! I'm so happy that I could finally do a one-man performance in Osaka.

Here is the set-list.

1  Walkure
2  kagami oni
3  Paradise lost
4  Psycho Butterfly
5  Hydrangea
6  kugutsu
7  Ophelia (new song)
8  Perverse rendezvous
9  Epicurean
10  Kasha

Encore 1

1  Chocolat
2  Addict (new song)
3  Glitter Arch

Encore 2

1 Rose Jail

This time, I tried to configure the live so that the "feeling of a live" was present throughout, making the songs and dances the main theme, more so than the acting!
Did you enjoy it!?

Well then, without time to rest, it's just about time for the one-man performance in April!
I'd like to make this live a compilation of everything that happened during this 1 year, so everyone, by all means please try to come!!

Date: 2009/4/24 (Fri)
Venue: Yotsuya Kumin Hall
Open: 18:00
Start: 18:30

Tickets are selling fast!

・ Like an edison Tokyo 03-3369-3708
(first day of sale will be telephone-bookings only, open from 11:00)
・ Electronic ticket PIA   0570-02-9999 (P-code: 317-689)
・ Lawson tickets 0570-084-003 (L-code: 75433)
・ e+ http://eplus.jp

■ Enquiries
Club CITTA 044-246-8888

※ All seats are reserved.
※ Space for wheelchairs will be available.
※ Please note that Rose Addict, as well as Addict, can not answer any enquiries personally.

Also, a talk show has been hurriedly decided for 4/10!
It will be a live performance of "Kaya no heya", my serialized column that appears in the music magazine, "Plug"!
This time, Koto-chan (ex-Sugar) will be appearing as a guest, so we're scheduled to have a rare conversation about things like both of our music roots, aesthetic senses, and also some secrets that you definitely won't hear anywhere else♪
Please look forward to it!!
※ Kaya will be performing "Kaya no heya", so there won't be a live.

( original entry - with photo )
20 March 2009 @ 09:10 am
How do you do?

Everybody, today is my very first one-man performance in Osaka.

Forgetting reality, let's create a beautiful time together.

Today, the one hour before the show will be club-time.
Surrendering to the sound, drown yourself in the flood of music.

Also... ... I'll be debuting my newest song!
Please look forward to it♪

( original entry )
18 March 2009 @ 01:01 am
How do you do?

Thank you so very much to everyone who took part in the performance the other day.

As I announced the other day, dancer OCHI is graduating [from performing as a Project Member] after the 4/24 performance.

OCHI has been creating dances with me for the 3 years since I went solo, as well as the 6 years I was in a unit before that.

There will be 2 more times we will dance together.

OCHI wrote a comment, so I'll post it here.


This is OCHI.

There was an announcement at Kawasaki CLUB CITTA on the 14th. The performance at Yotsuya Kumin Hall on 4/24 will be my last as a Kaya Project Member.

I've been part of the Project since 2006, and had many experiences.
When I close my eyes, all the stages I've been on until now are revived one by one inside of me.

I can never forget the world created with every one of Kaya's Addicts.
Meeting all of you is a treasure to me.

Thank you so much for all your support until now.
E-mails, letters. I received so much power from them.

Really, really, thank you so much.

3/20 ESAKA MUSE. And 4/24 Yotsuya Kumin Hall, those two shows are left,
so let's create an unforgettable world together.

Everyone who helped out, all the staff, the musicians I met on stage, every Project Member, and Kaya.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Kaya Project Member


The most difficult thing for both me and OCHI was giving Addicts bad memories.
Sorry for making you feel sad.

But it's not like OCHI is quitting dancing altogether, and there might possibly come a time after this when we will perform together again. (Just like Project Member YASU, who appeared on stage with me at lives and other events even after he'd graduated.)

Selfish motives that can't be talked about, and conflict.
From the night of the decision, it's also true that various feelings were blended with each other.

However, I would like to support the new road that OCHI has embarked on, and the man he will become.
And as be both become bigger and more lovely artists, in order to create a wonderful stage with OCHI once more, we'd both ardently like to apply ourselves diligently.

Even though all of you also feel sad and will miss him, I received many kind messages of support, understanding both my and OCHI's true intentions respectively.

Really, thank you.

Encompassing these feelings in song and dance, we'll create the best shows.

3/20, and 4/24.
All Kaya Project Members will be waiting on the stage.


( original entry )
10 March 2009 @ 09:40 pm
How do you do?

I have a meeting with the drag queen Hossy after this♪
The queen of recognised drag queens - Hossy is famous for creating entire luxurious and gorgeous costumes, so this time I've asked her to produce all the costumes for my dancers.
They'll be debuted at Yotsuya-kumin Hall on 4/24♪ Please look forward to it!

Well then, I received many mails with questions regarding the "Notice" entry I posted in the Tanbiron the other day.
I can't yet really answer those questions, but I can say that it isn't that I'm going to quit signing, so I just wanted to convey that for now.
(I received a great number of mails asking "Are you retiring?".. And also for some reason "Are you quitting solo activities!?" It's neither of those, so please don't worry.)
I apologise for causing you anxiety..
As I did when I announced my majour debut, and as I will when making future announcements, I'll try to be in that place with Addicts as far as possible..
Sorry for speaking selfishly.
The show on the 14th is an event, so all it will be is something the fans of the other bands that will be there (or the other performers), will perceive as "Ah, okay".
But to me, it's a very, very important announcement.

I'm going to make it the best live.
Please send your darling voices to the stage.



1) The announcement was that Ochi is going to stop performing as a Kaya Project Member.

( original entry )
10 March 2009 @ 08:04 am
How do you do?

I have a brief announcement.
The show on which I starred as a guest personality, "KYU-U CLUB ~ Yukai na Koheya", which started in January this year on FM Nagasaki and FM Tokushima, is slated to come to an end in March.
There's only a few shows left, but everyone in Nagasaki and Tokushima, please check them out!


Well well.
I keep on insistently announcing this (laugh), but my first one-man in Osaka is just around the corner!
Tickets are selling fast♪
Since I'm inviting you all, please by all means try to come by!!

2009/3/20 (Fri)

Open: 18:00
Start: 19:00
(18:00~19:00 is club time♪)

Tickets: 3,000yen (Drinks excl)
Tickets are selling fast!

・ Like an edison Osaka 06-6459-5988
・ Lawson tickets (L-code: 59595)
・ Ticket PIA P-code: 316-150)
※FC presale of tickets has ended

ESAKA MUSE 06-6387-0203

( original entry - with photo )
09 March 2009 @ 03:00 pm
How do you do?

It's been a while since I've updated, again.
I'm sorry.

It was a great while ago, but to everyone who came to the live at Ikebukuro, thank you so very much.
I was still coughing a little, so... I'm really sorry for making you worry.
I was able to keep on singing thanks to all your voices.
Thank you.

I'll do my very best for the next live, too.

The lives shows for this month are at Club CITTA Kawasaki on the 14th, as well as my first one-man live in Osaka on the 20th!

I'm going to give my all for both of them-!

The 20th is my very first one-man in Osaka!
A back-to-basics (!? laugh) black-clothes-only live!! laugh
All Osaka Addicts, and Addicts that live close-by, by all means please come by☆
Let's create a darkly glimmering night together.

Tickets are still on sale!!

And then, the Kawasaki live this week.

On this day, there will be an important announcement from myself to all Addicts.

I want Addicts to participate if at all possible.
Please try and make it.

Well then, in the blink of an eye it's already March.
Even though spring is just around the corner, it's still cold every day in Tokyo.

Spring is called the season of meetings and partings.
I attended the graduation ceremony of my alma mater senior high school, Naruto, the other day.
(I received an autograph board with messages from all the student council who graduated! Thanks so much! I was terribly happy.)

It's by repeating meetings and partings like this that people are able to mature.

Although, sudden partings are difficult to process inside oneself, and are really harsh.

But, I want you to remember.
"The end is just the beginning."

So that you'll be able to smile on the morning you set off.

On 3/14, I'll be waiting for you on stage.

( original entry - with photo )